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The power of adapting to new knowledge and harnessing it productively has become the most vital factor for survival in today's fast-faced world. Everyone should be equipped with sufficient and appropriate knowledge. With this requirement comes the necessity to establish Baco Community College which will be instrumental in educating our youth and more importantly in instilling in them the desire for knowledge that will propel them towards a brighter future. Aside from constructing farm-to-market roads, infrastructures and providing basic needs for Bacoeños, it is a moral obligation upon government officials to enhance the potentials of our youth through quality education, making them competitive in this era of emerging trends in the field of education.

Why we are different from others!

Things that makes us different


Individualized Approach

At Baco Community College, we recognize that every student is unique. Our personalized guidance and support ensure you receive an education tailored to your goals.


Diverse Faculty

Our experienced faculty bring a wealth of knowledge from various industries, providing you with diverse perspectives that enrich your learning experience.


Community Involvement

We're deeply rooted in our community. Our collaborative initiatives and projects create a vibrant environment that enriches both your education and the community around you.


Innovation Hub

Baco Community College fosters innovation and creativity. Engage in groundbreaking research, projects, and ideas that contribute to the advancement of knowledge.

Vision, Mission, Philosophy



A Model College in Transformational Education for Local and Global Community.


In the pursuit of the vision of the Baco Community College as an educational institution subscribing to the total development of the youth, the following are the mission statements of the Baco Community College. A. To transform students' lives by providing quality and affordable education B. To provide value-laden curriculum to impact the local and global community C. To imbibe social value to develop skills and competencies needed by industries and institutions


Baco Community College is anchored on the Philosophy of Outcome - Based Education towards Ethical, Human, and Social Development.


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